The lights you choose for your home or business will have a big impact on how space feels, performs and looks. To help you understand how different lighting fixtures can affect your mood and productivity, here are several types of lighting that will help you improve your residential or commercial spaces.

Track Lighting

A popular lighting choice for homes and businesses alike for decades, track lighting is a great source of directed light, putting emphasis on decor pieces, artwork and more. Track lighting can also be adjusted to point in various directions as is needed and is a cost-effective option for homeowners and new business owners.

Recessed Lighting

A more gentle form of track lighting, recessed lights create a softer glow of light that can’t be redirected. This is another common choice among home and business owners, as their small form factor doesn’t take up ceiling space and the light itself can be brightened or diffused whenever necessary. The lightweight feel of recessed lighting also allows it to be installed virtually anywhere in your home or office.

Overhead Lighting

Varying in appearance and functionality, overhead lighting can be completely flush to the ceiling, semi-flush or hang some distance away in the form of pendant lighting. Each specific style of overhead lighting comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but that all depends on how you use them in each space. In residential environments, it’s best to use softer bulbs that produce warmer tones to create a relaxing atmosphere. In commercial environments, on the other hand, should use cooler-toned, energy-efficient LED bulbs for a bright and productive atmosphere.

Task Lighting

If you have a detail-oriented task to complete, specifically in kitchens, offices or laboratories, then task lighting is the best choice for you. Finding the best task lighting placement is crucial, as it produces a bright light that’s angled towards a specific area like a desktop or kitchen countertop.

Natural Lighting

If you’re looking to create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere, then natural lighting in the way to go. On top of it being a free lighting source for homeowners and business owners, it’s also quite flattering, making smaller spaces appear larger and more open. However, great and effective natural lighting will depend on the size and location of your windows. For commercial spaces, other buildings might be blocking your windows, preventing light from evenly coming through. Or the room that you spend the most time in at home might not have access to much natural lighting depending on the location of your window.

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